Down and (probably) out


132-113. The Warriors ran away with it at the end of the third and went on a 10-1 run at the start of the fourth with LeBron on the bench.

KD – that’s the difference this year (sorry to sound cliche and blatantly obvious). We all anticipated this during the regular season. He has been chasing LeBron for almost all of his career and he is two games away from securing his first ring.

But can KD be stopped? I am not sure. He is revelling among his new cast which gives him the confidence to be free and play without the pressure of holding a city on his shoulders.

I think the Cavs need their bench to fire. LeBron has been carrying the team over the last two games and I don’t think Thomson and JR have combined for more than 15 points across these two games. Back at home to “Defend the Land” both Uncle Drew and Kevin Love need to earn their keep together with either JR or Deron adding stats off the bench. Remember Richard Jefferson last year? His energy was fantastic and swung the momentum in the favour of Cleveland.

I thought the Cavs would take it in 5 but LeBron looked tired after Game 2. Harrison Barnes, Chef, and Klay went cold half way through the 2016 Finals but without some support I am sorry to say the Warriors will sweep away the Cavs in 4 games. Yep, that’s going to 16-0 this Finals. Unbelievable.


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