McLaren: woes to continue

I’m not sure what has been worse in this new era of Formula 1: watching both minnows Manor Marussia and Caterham bow out due to financial troubles or see Fernando Alonso’s soul die as McLaren Honda produces a car of minnows.

Or is this the Fernando Alonso curse? The biggest threat to Alonso has been himself in recent years – leaving teams which have thereafter been successful title contenders. But if I was Alonso in 2013 and heard the ever successful Honda and McLaren were teaming up again after such a long absence in F1 I too would have left Maranello for Hondo Motor Co. Alas, what an abysmal partnership it has been. After week after week and now season after season of empty promises I find it hard to see how Alonso can keep the faith on seeing a turnaround.

It just doesn’t seem like we will see a McLaren Honda turnaround from the rear of the grid to Ferrari-beating positions at all.

After a competitive run with Andretti at Indy 500, Alonso seems to be considering other options but who will take him? In my view any team is a possibility except for Red Bull who like to breed their young through the Toro Rosso team. That leaves some contenders:

  • Ferrari;
  • Mercedes;

Well there is no one else, is there? Given the lack of success of the Silver Arrows on this year’s new regulations and wider wheels (and hence Hamilton’s start at 14 at the grid) it becomes another gamble for Alonso.

Does Ferrari give way to Kimi to seat Alonso and attempt managing the relationship between Sebastian and Alonso? I cannot see any other option for Fernando. Bottas and Hamilton will inevitably continue in the Silver Arrows for 2018.

As for the remainder of the season I think McLaren Honda need to deliver some top 5 finishes to grant Alonso the confidence to re-sign for another season.

I dare say the only option on the table today for Alonso is to quit Formula One altogether and chase Indy glory.

Championship winner this year? Webber’s mate.


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