No changing of the guard

Well I have given away the saltiness with the title, haven’t I? This is not a changing of the guard from LeBron to KD. Heck, KD wishes he was half the player LeBron was.

Where were these statistics from KD when OKC and Russ needed it 3-1 up against Dub City last year?

KD has nothing to worry about on the GSW team. He doesn’t need to run offense, he doesn’t need to run defence, heck he probably does need to wipe the sweat off his brow. He only need to shoot when he gets the ball. Pretty easy gig.

On the other hand, LeBron is running the offense, the defence, the club merchandising, the finances, the legal work, public relation,

The Cavaliers are down and out this year – there is no coming back from 3-0. It’s not 3-1. It’s 3-0 and they have been outclassed in each game. I’d give the Cavaliers are chance if LeBron was 5 years younger. But he’s not. And the last 2 minutes of the first quarter told the story: GSW went on a 10-1 run while the King caught a short 2 minutes of rest.

There are few things granted in this lifetime – gravity, father-time and the Kardashian curse. Tristian Thompson has gone missing this year – 12 months after he started dating Khloe Kardashian. Another NBA player fallen to the Kardashian curse. This sounds silly – but the statistics of each of Khloe’s NBA love interests tells the same story – believe me, it’s a curse.

I am not sure why the Cavs ran that play with 12.4 seconds to go. Corner 3? Please. Love and Korver missed two corner 3’s prior to that play.

End saltiness here. The Cavs just aren’t good enough.



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