Not earned. Given.


Well. That’s that. This year’s Finals series was a no-contest. I thought the Cavs could at least have been competitive and put up a fight but they are light years behind the Warriors, who made the Game 5 victory look easy.

After a strong start the Cavs fell in the second quarter victim to a 21-2 run by Dub City and from the 3rd quarter onwards it was just too difficult for the Cavs to get within an ear-shot of victory. They reduced the deficit down to 10, 7 and then 5. But the Warriors has a response each time.

And the difference? Whipping a dead horse with this one – Kevin Durant. His impact was far greater than imagined and he proved his talent without needing to worry about organising the offense, running the defence, or being responsible for his team’s losses. That’s a whole load of pressure off his shoulders.

But however great KD’s stats were this year, the result is an expected one and not an impressive one.

I said it today to a colleague – imagine adding Zlatan or Cristiano to Barca’s team. It would be absurd and insane. If one or two players failed, the other 2 or 8 would step up and fill the void. Enter the Warriors – Klay played under par this year without Bogut’s moving screens, Steph is a one-trick pony, Draymond is great on the defensive end. If any 2 of these players don’t perform, the Warriors play poorly. But enter Kevin-fill-the-void-Durant. He was the difference in Game 3 and he toyed with the defence in Game 5. He was too damn good.

It will be a shame to see another Cavs/Warriors Final series next year and I hope there are some interesting trades over the off-season to create a more competitive environment. I hope this whole idea of NBA super teams does not take off and we have at least one new team competing in next year’s Finals.

I don’t think LeBron will leave the Cavaliers. It’s just stupid to think he will leave Cleveland again. The writing is on the wall for players like Kevin Love, Deron Williams, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson. The Cavaliers have some deadweight which could free up space for a good big man – that’s exactly what they should target.

Here is an idea – perhaps KD will match LeBron’s act of returning to his home team to bring them a championship? Will OKC take Durant back? Hell yeah!

“We prevailed,” Durant said after Game 5. “We’re champions and we did it on our own floor.” This is the one thing I cannot stand about Kevin Durant. He is beating his chest with pride and joy as if he drove his team to a Championship. He hasn’t. He joined a Championship team. And hence the title – “Given.”


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